Soo I haven’t written in the ‘blogg’ in agesss. Sorry all you regular blogg readers. Whateverrrr. Anyway its 16:08 on Saturday den 18 April 2009. Courtney is sitting in my room and has DEMANDED a blogg (I think she likes to read about herself) so now I’m sitting here while she yells out memories and is scanning through my photos telling me which ones we haveee to put on because we are apparently ‘hot’ in them. You wish Courtney, you wish. Revelry by Kings of Leon is playing in the background, inspiring my blogging perhaps. So what have I been up to..i think I’ve slowed down…I’m enjoying the sunshine that has finally come out and I’m taking time to discover the beauty of ‘Ronneby’ ;);) (beautiful boys in beautiful cars) Its always a nice way to enjoy the sunshine.

So since I last wrote was on my birthday I think I should write a little more then usual….maybeeee.

On the 4rd of April I headed to Lund to help celebrate Courtney and Simons birthday. I arrived around midday, stepped of the train into pure sunshine and 20 degree weather. I think it was one of the happiest days of my life… I hadn’t seen the sun in around 3 months. I met up with Courtney and we went and found a cute pizza shop and sat outside on the cobbled streets of Lund coffee in one hand, pizza in the other in tee shirts with the sun out. It was at that moment I realised that I could do this…live away from home and be happy. We sat there for around 3 hours or something just watching the people go by and talking about how nice it is to get some colour back in our skin. J

From there we went to the center square to eat icecream. I think you are all reading this and are like…ummmm bonnie 17 degrees is not warm but everyone here is insane. Seriously. There was a line about 200metres to the ice cream shop and everyone was walking around in shorts and sandals. I think that the summer is such a relief after such a long winter.  There’s one more thing….one of the most favorite topic of conversations here is about the weather…I think I’m turning into a Swede…scary thing to even consider.


everyone in the square..

 That night we headed to Paulina’s house for pre drinks before Simons birthday party. Simon had hired out a house and had a DJ so it was a night filled with dancing and laughing…seeing all those crazy people…dragging us onto the dance floor. Ha. It was such a fun night except that we had to wait till 2:30 for the next bus so we were all sitting there in the gutter just discussing everything with everyone. Courteny and I were completely stupid and thought to ourselves before we left…we won’t need jackets…its been 20degrees today! So sitting at the bus stop at 2:30am I realized what a stupid thought that was to even have considered, let alone done. I don’t think I have EVER been as cold as I was that night. Bloody oath I could’ve cried.

Pictures from Simons.




So I left Lund on Sunday which was Courtney’s 18! It was a shame I had school Monday Morning..such a shame. We had a lovely big breakfast…birthday breakfasts in Courtney’s house are always amazing (the two I have experienced anyway). I caught the train and arrived back in Ronneby 2 hours later. The feeling of being home is one I’ve just come across..that this is now my home for a year. I’m starting to feel comfortable with that thought. It’s a nice feeling.


The summer has bought many picnics. I have been numerous picnics already…even though the weather isn’t perfect its still lovely. At the moment I am on easter break. Last Saturday my host sister and I went on an eater egg hunt in our back yard trying to find the next map till we reached our final destination. When I finally got there ( I have never been very good at reading a map) I got a paper egg filled with candy and a chocolate bunny. We then sat at the kitchen table eating our candy and laughing. It was a really nice day. That night we went to one of Hedvigs (my host sisters) friends house for pre drinks before we went to Natti Natti, Ronnebys only nightclub. It was so much fun! Her friend were all so funny and loved australians. J we went to Natti at around 1130 to stand in the que. One thing about ronneby is that its never busy and I never see teenages but because it was the easter break everyone came home to celebrate with their families so they were all at Natti. It was crazy but fun. We got home early that morning and woke up a little later to start prepairing for the day. Kirsti and Jonas had friends coming over for Easter.



This week I have spent a lot of time with friends…at picnics, watching movies or eating ice cream. The usual really. I have made some closer friends and have run a lot in the forest. As time goes by, it becomes easier to settle in…getting use to the life style. School has been great. I have been doing design and have made a top and am starting on my Prom dress soon.

This is the top I made J


Picnic pictures..


Courtney is here at the moment. She came over to Ronneby on Thursday and we have been soaking up the sun,  running, biking…..HA! and meeting up with a few of my friends.



yess that is me riding my bike and lying on the peer near my house. 

hope everyone is missing all my girls back home. Happy birthday al.

Lots of love xo xo


Svenska är ett svårt att skriva men jag ville prova.

Jag ville bara säga något på svenska. hmm jag vet inte vad men ... Love och fred. Puss och Kram


So i'm back...back to writing in this blog again..yay?
So it's been a pretty packed out few weeks lately and today is...wait for two months! (of being in sweden that is) 
I have to say it has gone fast..considering I'm here for only 12..10 to go. 
Soo where i left off last time was after my first african dance lesson. On the tuesday I started my new timetable for the first time..going into the science program in the first year ( around year 10/11). I was really looking forward to it because.....
1. I was in the same class as Rebecca, a New Zealand girl living in Ronneby.
2. The class was super fun and the students are really nice
3. I have fill my free time!

So the subjects i took were math (my teacher's name is Maths...weirddd), English, Sos, Economics and then my usual Swedish classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
I had math with Maths first and i sat with Cindy and becky was away skiing. I was told that we had a math test on the following Wednesday... :S and that i had to learn all the topics...160pages worth before then.

I spent most of the week hanging with my class..they are all really lovely and we laugh a lot together.
On Friday i headed to lund to celebrate my 18th with Courtneyyy, only the coolest exchangee in Sweden. I got onto the right train this time and read 'Twilight' for most of the 2 hour trip. When i got into the station Courtney, Lucy (From New Zealand) and Josh (from Australia) were waiting for me. It was so lovely to see everyone! 
Then we went to the camera shop to get me a new camera..because mine was broken (as mentioned previously)
Then we went back to Courtneys, had some dinner and Josh and Lucy came over to watch movies. We watched Hitch but i ended up falling asleep in it and then being woken up 2 minutes before the 14th of birthday.
We had a mini celebration and then headed to bed because we had a big day ahead. I woke up to very lovely messages and phone calls from my swedish sweethearts and my Aussie babes. Courtney gave me a beautiful present and a massive birthday hug. :) i do love her
Courtney's hosties put on a birthday breakfast for me which was so nice and then we headed into Central Lund to meet up with Simon. It was the most beautiful day..the sun was out and it was around 12 degrees! it was so beautiful. 

We met up with Simon which in itself was enough of a treat. Simon is a complete sweetheart and getting to spend the day with Simon and Courtney would have been enough. He made muffins though which was so sweet and then we were about to head to Malmö when Hedvig (my host sister) called and wanted to meet up. I met up with Klara and hedvig and we were going to get coffee when they told me that they had something better so we went to the....ICE CREAM BAR! the most amazing icecream i have ever EVER eaten however it was about the size of my head and i dont think ill be looking at ice cream in a very long time. My host sisters are the most lovely girls and I'm very lucky to have such babes as sisters.
Here is me eating the masssss icecream.

soo good

After I left Hedvig and Klara, i think we were all pretty close to vomiting as the icecream was coming out of our ears,  i caught the train  to Malmö to meet up again with Courtney and Simon. Malmö is so beautiful, it's the third biggest city in Sweden and has many shops and much happening in the city. Quite the opposite to good old Ronneby. 
We headed straight to the cheep Monday store...ohhh my. I think i could live in this shop..ha.

So after our little shop in Malmö we had china Box..much like noodle box. I thought i couldn't eat anything but hey...when it's your birthday. 
We then headed back home to get ready to go to see Josh and Lucy and head to a few of Josh's friends house. It was a really great night...except for the fact that we got kicked out of the bar but that in itself was pretty funny. over 40's night with kareoke.
some pictures from the day in malmö and the night....

Lucy, Court and i              me and Court                Cheep monday!               Simon and i in Malmö

On the Sunday i headed home to see the parents and they put on a lovely dinner for me and bought me a really beautiful charm for my bracelet. ( a black spotted bra) :):)
Which leads us to this week. Becky was back so we talked a lot and went to the corner store a lot to buy
On Tuesday we had this math exam and it wouldve helped if i understood the Swedish...or the math come to think of it but i managed to fail. ha oh goodness. 
I went out with josifin on Wednesday afternoon adn we tried on the most beautiful dresses in Lindex. haha...
jo eating pizza 

On friday i spoke to my best friend back home. ALYCE!

This was so lovely. i loved hearing from her and all the goss happening back at home.  its her birthday soon soooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 

This weekend becky came over on Friday night so that we could go out clubbing..we got all ready, make up, dresses, and everything and decided to hit the club (the only one in Ronneby) at around 11pm. So before we left i was like..maybe we should check if its actually open.. so we looked it up wasn't. so we got out of our outfits and put on our pj's but i got  a few photos of us getting ready..haha. even though we didn't end up going

This is im my bedroom in Sweden.

On saturday I went with elin to Karlskrona to see a movie and grab some lunch..unfortunatley the shops closed at around 3pm and the movie was at 6pm so we decided not to stay and went back to her house...after missing the train. 
karlskrona is really beautiful and has these mini islands sorrounding it covered in tiny holiday houses. its like looking at a dolls world or something. 
Spending time with elin is always really nice and she's so easy to talk to. She is one of my host sisters best friends and when agnes (my host sister living in New Zealand) comes home im sure we will all hang out. 

Elin in Karlskrona

I went back to Elins house this night and we watched Juno and ate chocolate.. Sweden has chocolate from god.  Then we had dinner with her parents. Sweden is amazing because around 90% of the population speak english fluently, I must learn swedish though,
anyway that leads us to today where i didn't really do a lot.
Love and kisses to everyone, puss och kram. (hugs and kisses)
Im missing everyone especially one particular person..but he knows who he is. 
i hope youre all well and not asleep if you've read this whole thing. 
x bonnie. 


ahhhhhhhhhhhh so.
well my days are pretty jammed packed at the moment so i'm writing a little more regually.. imagine.
i'll start with thurday night.
on thursday night i went with Linda and Anna to wood carving. it was very cool. we were given chunks of bark and had to carve something out of them. With my skills i made a weird shapped love heart and a rigid butter knife. haha. 
Friday i left school early because i couldn't really be bothered staying and went home for a sleep it was pretty refreshing actually. THENNNNN... Courtney came to Ronneby for the weekend. 
i think that deserves a few of these... ! ! ! ! ! ! !
l showed her around wonderfully small Ronneby which took around 10 minutes..haha. We then went to jackln hide where we god a mocca and chilled there for a bit. Hedvig, my host sister also came to Ronneby for the weekend which was wonderful. Shes so very sweet but i wish i got to spend a bit more time with her. 
Friday night we chilled at home watching this strange movie called...? and 'Dude wheres my car' from the Ashton Box. Ha it was preeettttyyyyy funny..we also made a pavlova which i ended up dropping as i lifted it out of the oven and it smelt like dirty feet. so no one ate it... 
On saturday we started the day off at 'wellness studio' the only gym in Ronneby where we were late to the body pump class. My god there were like 60 people in the class (thats like the whole of Ronneby!) and they all turned around to witness our late arrival. embarrassing. It was pretty lame class so we walked out anyway after 20 minutes and headed for the treadmills. After out little work out sesh went to Karlkrona for some subway, McDonalds and a little shopping. oh and we went to look for a piercing place.....but there was none. serious downer.
here is me in Karlskrona 
After our little shopping spree we headed back to Ronneby via Karlsarm...oops.
We got ready because tonight we were heading to a party with my friend Elin. 
Ha it was so much fun..apart from being in the middle of absoloutley no where it turned out to be quite fun/interesting/funny. Here are a few snap shots of the night...taken by courtney.

us getting ready......        all ready 

the most  funny thing happened though...for some reason all the guys thought that 'forign' girls were so interesting...particually one boy who was OBSESSED with courtney. it was kinda scary. 

after dancing                      on the bed.
oh and the boy who had the party, we were in his room and there were all these pictures of crying babies everywhere. We like looked at eachother and was like..oh my fuck. 
most of the girls who went go to my school and the boys..? no body really even knew their names. ha.
We ended up becoming friends with these two boys, mainly because one said he would pay for our bus ticket, as we were well...broke. So thennnnnn he convinced us that he could take us into a club. ha well not even close. we ended up going to the burger shop and getting hamburgers. IT WAS HOWEVER the local hangout for drunks and this one guy kept shouting 'what are you losers doing with such beautiful girls!' and then he came over to me and started to try and kiss my hand... he was like 25! and completely weird. and when i was like...go away he was like 'oh baby i have so much money, its okay!' 
We caught a cab home from there and fell asleep straight away..
Sunday we woke up rather late and had a lovely breakfast and decided to go on a bike ride to one of the only supermarkets in Ronneby 'MAXI'
Ronneby is sooooo hilly and we both nearly died. Mainly becuase i got lost when choosing the way to go. Who wouldve thought you could get lost in a place like this.
We came home and watched 'step up 2' and had a bit of a nap before we crashed.
Monday Courtney came to school with me. haha well  we had swedish first up which was well.....gag.
We went to my Rotary lunch in town and then headed for the train station so that courtney could make her way back to lund.
Monday, Last night i went to Afrodance with Louise and Josifine. ahhhh it was so much fun. It was so different and im not very co-ordinated but i enjoyed it none the less. here are some pictures....jose and i 
getting ready.
Today i had a really good day. I started it off by riding my bike to school...ughh. I started my new timetable today and got told that i had to learn 150 pages of math before next wednesday as i now have an exam. myyyy goodness. Study hard.

I hope everyone is well. Leave me a comment if you like just letting me know how you are.. etc. Its nice to hear from everyone. 
lots of love ,
bon xoxo


WELL it has been quite a while. I just wish this would write itself. haha
Okay so since i have been back in Ronneby....

On the weekend, i forgot to mention that i went skiing with some family friends. i was TERRIBLE! Cross country skiing is a big no for my future carrier. 

i started back at school on monday and wasn't really looking forward to it.

It just seemed like such a downer after a week in Lund.
BUT... it was actually pretty good! i went to swedish on Monday, Tuesday and wednesday..that was the only downer.
I made really good friends with this girl Martina, shes very sweet.
On Thursday night I got invited to this pub to watch a band from school play. they were AWESOME. if you have time check them out on Myspace.  This is the URL...

This is them!

The whole week i hung out a lot with martina. we talked about everything and anything and i feel so lucky to have such a lovely friend.
ill write more this afternoon! i have finished swedish lessons now...ahhah
productive lessons bonnie. 

okayyy back..On saturday I met up with elin, she drove to the GYM! and we took a  yoga class. it was so relaxing, i nearly fell asleep so many times. It was so funny becasue the instructor said something like lie down and close your eyes and focus on your breatheing so i was like...yeah okay. So i was pretty much asleep when i felt someone grab my head! Ha so i didnt understand what he actually said which was that he was going around giving head massages. I nearly had a heart attack! 
After our relaxation at the gym we headed into ronneby's center and took a look through the shops. it took around an hour. haha its so small here. Then we went and got lunch at a cute cafe. At around 2pm i met up with Rebecca who is on exchange from New zealand at the same school as me!! totally the best news i had heard in a really long time. :) 
we got a coffee and shopped some more. it was a lot of fun. its cool knowing that there is someone in pretty much exactly the same position as you. ahh shes so sweet.
 On saturday i wasnt feeling to great so i came home and napped and read twilight..ha im addicted! while i was napping my friend 'Anna' from the band called and wanted to know if i could come to party tonight. well even though i wasnt feeling great how could i refuse my first actual partyyyy?! i got dressed and met up with anna and olivia at 'uncle willys'. we drove to another friends house so that her parents could drive to the party. welll it ended up being in the middle of know where but it was still really fun. So different to an Australian party though. i got there and we were greeted at the door by Jasper, it was his birthday bash. everyone was sitting around the table with no music on or anything.. ha. Just drinking in the kitchen. So i was like... hey jasper can we please put some music on? and he was likeee...huh? ha we ended up going upstairs so i could listen to some music. It was differnt but still a lot of fun. we got home around 2am which was a nice change. ahha
sunday i rode my bike for the first time...oh god i nearly died. i was very enthusiastic to be riding to town (its a 5 minute drive) so i got all my things ready for the gym and got on my bike. i NEVER realised how many dam hills were in ronneby until i nearly had a heart attack riding up a few of them. haha. i got to the gym already panting and sweaty and did a small workout and rode to my rotary councellors house for some tea. 
So that leads us to this week so far...Monday was pretty bad and i ended up coming home from school becasue i was feeling so sickly. i slept for 6 hours had some dinner and went back to sleep again for the night. it was rather refreshing. 
TODAY i had a really good day. I woke up really really late like 20 minutes before my bus arrives! Its different here because at home it would be like..yeah same old uniform dont really care. But now its like..oh my god what the hell do i wear to school!? all i want to wear is track pants with a wolly jumper butttt everyone looks amazing at school and i dont particually want to be an ugly duck (more so then usual i guess). So i chucked on some jeans and a cardigan and ran out the house with my vegemite toast still in my mouth.  
I had swedish all morning which was quite a drag. Then i had lunch. I didnt really have anyone to sit with when Rebecca and her class walked past. ahh it was a really good lunch time and we all just sat there laughing. Instead of going to art i joined their class in the gym..hahah, oh god. i thought it would be like areobics or something but we did some hard core running and then burpies followed by gymnastics. Pretty sure i pulled a lot of muscles.
after the class i went and spoke to my student advisor about changing into this class. so excited! Bec went and got some KEX.. best chocolate ever, and we thought that we should go to the gym after the feast. ha. Bec had her bike at school and i was like 'how about you ride on the back and ill pedal?' so we tried it. and ended up falling on the ground because it was soo much harder then i thought. i have grases on my hands becasue of the fall..haha

Tomorrow is swedish all day :(:( sick. 
I hope everyone is well. I'm guessing no one reads this though cause i never get any comments. 
lots of love to everyone-

ps sorry about the lack of photos. my camera is brokennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!


so here is my second blogg entry.. its been a while since i last wrote but i've been away.
this week......
On tuesday I headed for LUND the city of teenagers. ! I got the 12:00pm train. I was on the train and sittting there listening to my ipod when the ticket inspector came along. I didnt feel like saying anything so i didnt bother taking my ipod out and handed her my ticket. She started talking loudly at me so i took out my ipod and asked what the matter was (in an english translation). 'You're on the wrong train love!' haha shit. so i had to go to karlskrona (half an hour in the wrong direction) wait there for half an  hour then get on the other train to Lund. 3 hours later i was in Lund! My beautiful Courtney was at the station waiting for me. it was so good to see her lovely face again!
We headed straight to Expresso House to meet with one of her friends Simon. We all sat in Expresso house chatting about everything. Simon was really sweet. 
We then went shopping in lund! For shoes because i were apparently not appropriate for meeting boys in Copenhagen. I remember courtney and simon asking me 'how are we ment to meet boys bonnie if you are wearing these gothic boots'. haha so i needed a change.. just quitely i thought they were pretty cool shoes..
I found some cute pumps, said bye to Simon and headed back to Courtneys. There were people coming over for dinner...a certain Gustav.
On wednesday Simon, Courtney, Pablo, Simons' friend Gustav, and I hit the streets of COPENHAGEN, DENMARK!

on the train on the train (pablo, courtney, me and simon)

Ahhhhh it was so amazingly cool. I haven't seen so many péople since i was in Brisbane. ha
the day summed up was i bought a cute bag, courtney had a meltdown in the middle of the street, Gustav skulled a beer in the middle of the streets and we crashed into Jack and Spencer. How the middle of the streets of Denmark. 
ohhh and we had deep fried chicken for lunch..eww.  these are some pictures from the day....
happy shoppers. 
little bit tired. 

after Copenhagen we headed back to Gustavs house for a small party.. :) it was a lot of fun-apart from nearly getting slapped down by harry potters girlfriend. haha.

courtney and i                  me courtney and pablo.

on thursday we woke up rather late and refused (quite bluntly) a morning stroll with the hosties. At 11 we got out of bed and had some traditional swedish breakfast of cheese on brown bread. Her parents decided to take us to ikea! We ended up sitting in one of those made up rooms on the couch and recieved so many weird looks from people. I think it was partly because we were also trying to read a swedish book. ha. in Ikea i bumped into a lovely girl from school Elin. shes so sweet!
After many hours in Ikea we were taken to an art exhibition of photographs. it was lovely but pretty boring. 

on friday we hit the shops again and subwayyyyyyy! i bought the most ugly silver snow boots. butt in all fairness they are so warm.
Saturday I went back to my host parents who came to Lund for the weekend. It was so lovely to see my host sisters Hedvig and Klara. They both live in Lund and i spent most of saturday with them. They are both so sweet and hopefully i'll get to see them again soon, On saturday night i went to LASERDOME with some of courtneys friends from school and got my ass kicked in fighting the red team. i think people picked on me because i was naturally so bad. haha.
Sunday i said goodbye to my favorite city Lund and came back to Ronneby.  



Well this is my actual first blog. I'm not sure where to start..from the beginning or where i am now, three weeks in. In a paragraph i will tell many things of what ive done so far in Sweden.
I arrived in a small place called Ronneby on the 24th January, 2009. seriously fucked from the flight went a little like this. from brisbane to singapore was 9 hours then we spent 6 hours in singapore a made some cool friends, ali for one, and then from singapore to copenhagin which was 13 hours. From Copenhagin in Denmark my host sisters Hedvig and Klara met me and we grabbed a coffee from starbucks which ended up costing 12 australian dollars a coffee. haha. then we caught the train to Ronneby which took 5 hours. All in all long but worth it.
In my first week in Ronneby i visited many places like Karlskrona, shoppinggg! then i went to school for two days. it was pretty hard becasue the swedes are shy. they all speak english though! so im so so lucky. I do want to learn Swedish though. I met this lovely girl Josefin though! (she came over tnight)
So after my first few days at school i packed my bags and went on Rotary language camp. i was expecting something really bad but it turned out to be one of the best weeks of my life. Weird hey. I met so many new people from all round the world and even some swedes who taught us how to play soccer. it was super-although we did have to take swedish classes for many hours a day with mrs crazy herself. But I met the coolest girl from south africa. Her name is Courtney and we shared a room. 
anyway we became really tight and it makes life so much easier when you know someone else is going through the same homesickness/excitment as you. I just love her. She lives in Lund and tomorrow im going there for the week!
Courtney and I in Vimmerbycourteny and i in vimmerby
this week i had school and well it was okay. As i said before the swedes are pretty shy pårticually when it comes to speeking english. i didnt have friends to sit with on wednesday which made life pretty shitty, i just cried and cried. 
but now its good! 
im really having fun. this week is 'Sports week' which means that every kid gets the week off to go skiing or something. on sunday i went skiing and it was pretty good, i mean i was horrible at it and kept falling on my face but i loved it all the same. Today, Monday the 16th February i made a rotary speech in the  morning which was pretty interesting. i really should've planned it before i got up there and looked like a dork. 
This afternoon my lovely friends came over and we went down to the ocean near my house and took heaps of photos. it was so beautiful because the water had frozen over and it was sunset. then we had tacos for dinner. it was really lovely. they are both the sweetest girls and i cant wait to see them again. 
Sunset on the frozen ocean lucy and i look at josefintacos at mine!
this is with josefin and Louise. :)
anyway tomorrow im going to lund to visit my bestie courtney. I'm so excited! I'm staying there till sunday and then going to see my host sisters in Lund.
Hope everyone is well and im sorry if this is boring. i think my mum will be the only one reading it but thats okay! love your work mum.


welcome to my blog. its bonnie-living in sweden.

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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