So i'm back...back to writing in this blog again..yay?
So it's been a pretty packed out few weeks lately and today is...wait for two months! (of being in sweden that is) 
I have to say it has gone fast..considering I'm here for only 12..10 to go. 
Soo where i left off last time was after my first african dance lesson. On the tuesday I started my new timetable for the first time..going into the science program in the first year ( around year 10/11). I was really looking forward to it because.....
1. I was in the same class as Rebecca, a New Zealand girl living in Ronneby.
2. The class was super fun and the students are really nice
3. I have fill my free time!

So the subjects i took were math (my teacher's name is Maths...weirddd), English, Sos, Economics and then my usual Swedish classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
I had math with Maths first and i sat with Cindy and becky was away skiing. I was told that we had a math test on the following Wednesday... :S and that i had to learn all the topics...160pages worth before then.

I spent most of the week hanging with my class..they are all really lovely and we laugh a lot together.
On Friday i headed to lund to celebrate my 18th with Courtneyyy, only the coolest exchangee in Sweden. I got onto the right train this time and read 'Twilight' for most of the 2 hour trip. When i got into the station Courtney, Lucy (From New Zealand) and Josh (from Australia) were waiting for me. It was so lovely to see everyone! 
Then we went to the camera shop to get me a new camera..because mine was broken (as mentioned previously)
Then we went back to Courtneys, had some dinner and Josh and Lucy came over to watch movies. We watched Hitch but i ended up falling asleep in it and then being woken up 2 minutes before the 14th of birthday.
We had a mini celebration and then headed to bed because we had a big day ahead. I woke up to very lovely messages and phone calls from my swedish sweethearts and my Aussie babes. Courtney gave me a beautiful present and a massive birthday hug. :) i do love her
Courtney's hosties put on a birthday breakfast for me which was so nice and then we headed into Central Lund to meet up with Simon. It was the most beautiful day..the sun was out and it was around 12 degrees! it was so beautiful. 

We met up with Simon which in itself was enough of a treat. Simon is a complete sweetheart and getting to spend the day with Simon and Courtney would have been enough. He made muffins though which was so sweet and then we were about to head to Malmö when Hedvig (my host sister) called and wanted to meet up. I met up with Klara and hedvig and we were going to get coffee when they told me that they had something better so we went to the....ICE CREAM BAR! the most amazing icecream i have ever EVER eaten however it was about the size of my head and i dont think ill be looking at ice cream in a very long time. My host sisters are the most lovely girls and I'm very lucky to have such babes as sisters.
Here is me eating the masssss icecream.

soo good

After I left Hedvig and Klara, i think we were all pretty close to vomiting as the icecream was coming out of our ears,  i caught the train  to Malmö to meet up again with Courtney and Simon. Malmö is so beautiful, it's the third biggest city in Sweden and has many shops and much happening in the city. Quite the opposite to good old Ronneby. 
We headed straight to the cheep Monday store...ohhh my. I think i could live in this shop..ha.

So after our little shop in Malmö we had china Box..much like noodle box. I thought i couldn't eat anything but hey...when it's your birthday. 
We then headed back home to get ready to go to see Josh and Lucy and head to a few of Josh's friends house. It was a really great night...except for the fact that we got kicked out of the bar but that in itself was pretty funny. over 40's night with kareoke.
some pictures from the day in malmö and the night....

Lucy, Court and i              me and Court                Cheep monday!               Simon and i in Malmö

On the Sunday i headed home to see the parents and they put on a lovely dinner for me and bought me a really beautiful charm for my bracelet. ( a black spotted bra) :):)
Which leads us to this week. Becky was back so we talked a lot and went to the corner store a lot to buy
On Tuesday we had this math exam and it wouldve helped if i understood the Swedish...or the math come to think of it but i managed to fail. ha oh goodness. 
I went out with josifin on Wednesday afternoon adn we tried on the most beautiful dresses in Lindex. haha...
jo eating pizza 

On friday i spoke to my best friend back home. ALYCE!

This was so lovely. i loved hearing from her and all the goss happening back at home.  its her birthday soon soooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 

This weekend becky came over on Friday night so that we could go out clubbing..we got all ready, make up, dresses, and everything and decided to hit the club (the only one in Ronneby) at around 11pm. So before we left i was like..maybe we should check if its actually open.. so we looked it up wasn't. so we got out of our outfits and put on our pj's but i got  a few photos of us getting ready..haha. even though we didn't end up going

This is im my bedroom in Sweden.

On saturday I went with elin to Karlskrona to see a movie and grab some lunch..unfortunatley the shops closed at around 3pm and the movie was at 6pm so we decided not to stay and went back to her house...after missing the train. 
karlskrona is really beautiful and has these mini islands sorrounding it covered in tiny holiday houses. its like looking at a dolls world or something. 
Spending time with elin is always really nice and she's so easy to talk to. She is one of my host sisters best friends and when agnes (my host sister living in New Zealand) comes home im sure we will all hang out. 

Elin in Karlskrona

I went back to Elins house this night and we watched Juno and ate chocolate.. Sweden has chocolate from god.  Then we had dinner with her parents. Sweden is amazing because around 90% of the population speak english fluently, I must learn swedish though,
anyway that leads us to today where i didn't really do a lot.
Love and kisses to everyone, puss och kram. (hugs and kisses)
Im missing everyone especially one particular person..but he knows who he is. 
i hope youre all well and not asleep if you've read this whole thing. 
x bonnie. 

Postat av: martina

Bonnie!! :D it's Martiiiinaaa! :D I'm so happy i'm back in school so i can spend some time with you again! <3<3


2009-03-26 @ 23:10:43
Postat av: luka

Hey bon bon! ahaa i just caught up with all of your blog goss... it sounds like you're having so much fun :D and super busy too! keep filling us in on your amazing adventures

love u xoxo

2009-03-28 @ 04:30:54

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