ahhhhhhhhhhhh so.
well my days are pretty jammed packed at the moment so i'm writing a little more regually.. imagine.
i'll start with thurday night.
on thursday night i went with Linda and Anna to wood carving. it was very cool. we were given chunks of bark and had to carve something out of them. With my skills i made a weird shapped love heart and a rigid butter knife. haha. 
Friday i left school early because i couldn't really be bothered staying and went home for a sleep it was pretty refreshing actually. THENNNNN... Courtney came to Ronneby for the weekend. 
i think that deserves a few of these... ! ! ! ! ! ! !
l showed her around wonderfully small Ronneby which took around 10 minutes..haha. We then went to jackln hide where we god a mocca and chilled there for a bit. Hedvig, my host sister also came to Ronneby for the weekend which was wonderful. Shes so very sweet but i wish i got to spend a bit more time with her. 
Friday night we chilled at home watching this strange movie called...? and 'Dude wheres my car' from the Ashton Box. Ha it was preeettttyyyyy funny..we also made a pavlova which i ended up dropping as i lifted it out of the oven and it smelt like dirty feet. so no one ate it... 
On saturday we started the day off at 'wellness studio' the only gym in Ronneby where we were late to the body pump class. My god there were like 60 people in the class (thats like the whole of Ronneby!) and they all turned around to witness our late arrival. embarrassing. It was pretty lame class so we walked out anyway after 20 minutes and headed for the treadmills. After out little work out sesh went to Karlkrona for some subway, McDonalds and a little shopping. oh and we went to look for a piercing place.....but there was none. serious downer.
here is me in Karlskrona 
After our little shopping spree we headed back to Ronneby via Karlsarm...oops.
We got ready because tonight we were heading to a party with my friend Elin. 
Ha it was so much fun..apart from being in the middle of absoloutley no where it turned out to be quite fun/interesting/funny. Here are a few snap shots of the night...taken by courtney.

us getting ready......        all ready 

the most  funny thing happened though...for some reason all the guys thought that 'forign' girls were so interesting...particually one boy who was OBSESSED with courtney. it was kinda scary. 

after dancing                      on the bed.
oh and the boy who had the party, we were in his room and there were all these pictures of crying babies everywhere. We like looked at eachother and was like..oh my fuck. 
most of the girls who went go to my school and the boys..? no body really even knew their names. ha.
We ended up becoming friends with these two boys, mainly because one said he would pay for our bus ticket, as we were well...broke. So thennnnnn he convinced us that he could take us into a club. ha well not even close. we ended up going to the burger shop and getting hamburgers. IT WAS HOWEVER the local hangout for drunks and this one guy kept shouting 'what are you losers doing with such beautiful girls!' and then he came over to me and started to try and kiss my hand... he was like 25! and completely weird. and when i was like...go away he was like 'oh baby i have so much money, its okay!' 
We caught a cab home from there and fell asleep straight away..
Sunday we woke up rather late and had a lovely breakfast and decided to go on a bike ride to one of the only supermarkets in Ronneby 'MAXI'
Ronneby is sooooo hilly and we both nearly died. Mainly becuase i got lost when choosing the way to go. Who wouldve thought you could get lost in a place like this.
We came home and watched 'step up 2' and had a bit of a nap before we crashed.
Monday Courtney came to school with me. haha well  we had swedish first up which was well.....gag.
We went to my Rotary lunch in town and then headed for the train station so that courtney could make her way back to lund.
Monday, Last night i went to Afrodance with Louise and Josifine. ahhhh it was so much fun. It was so different and im not very co-ordinated but i enjoyed it none the less. here are some pictures....jose and i 
getting ready.
Today i had a really good day. I started it off by riding my bike to school...ughh. I started my new timetable today and got told that i had to learn 150 pages of math before next wednesday as i now have an exam. myyyy goodness. Study hard.

I hope everyone is well. Leave me a comment if you like just letting me know how you are.. etc. Its nice to hear from everyone. 
lots of love ,
bon xoxo

Postat av: Courtney

OMG... babe... this weekend was the absolutely the best with you!!!! especially saturday night with those crying pictures.. i honestly thought that was a sign for... GET OUT OF HERE... he is going to axe us and toture us!!!! hahahah.... love you babe...

2009-03-10 @ 22:03:59

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