so here is my second blogg entry.. its been a while since i last wrote but i've been away.
this week......
On tuesday I headed for LUND the city of teenagers. ! I got the 12:00pm train. I was on the train and sittting there listening to my ipod when the ticket inspector came along. I didnt feel like saying anything so i didnt bother taking my ipod out and handed her my ticket. She started talking loudly at me so i took out my ipod and asked what the matter was (in an english translation). 'You're on the wrong train love!' haha shit. so i had to go to karlskrona (half an hour in the wrong direction) wait there for half an  hour then get on the other train to Lund. 3 hours later i was in Lund! My beautiful Courtney was at the station waiting for me. it was so good to see her lovely face again!
We headed straight to Expresso House to meet with one of her friends Simon. We all sat in Expresso house chatting about everything. Simon was really sweet. 
We then went shopping in lund! For shoes because i were apparently not appropriate for meeting boys in Copenhagen. I remember courtney and simon asking me 'how are we ment to meet boys bonnie if you are wearing these gothic boots'. haha so i needed a change.. just quitely i thought they were pretty cool shoes..
I found some cute pumps, said bye to Simon and headed back to Courtneys. There were people coming over for dinner...a certain Gustav.
On wednesday Simon, Courtney, Pablo, Simons' friend Gustav, and I hit the streets of COPENHAGEN, DENMARK!

on the train on the train (pablo, courtney, me and simon)

Ahhhhh it was so amazingly cool. I haven't seen so many péople since i was in Brisbane. ha
the day summed up was i bought a cute bag, courtney had a meltdown in the middle of the street, Gustav skulled a beer in the middle of the streets and we crashed into Jack and Spencer. How the middle of the streets of Denmark. 
ohhh and we had deep fried chicken for lunch..eww.  these are some pictures from the day....
happy shoppers. 
little bit tired. 

after Copenhagen we headed back to Gustavs house for a small party.. :) it was a lot of fun-apart from nearly getting slapped down by harry potters girlfriend. haha.

courtney and i                  me courtney and pablo.

on thursday we woke up rather late and refused (quite bluntly) a morning stroll with the hosties. At 11 we got out of bed and had some traditional swedish breakfast of cheese on brown bread. Her parents decided to take us to ikea! We ended up sitting in one of those made up rooms on the couch and recieved so many weird looks from people. I think it was partly because we were also trying to read a swedish book. ha. in Ikea i bumped into a lovely girl from school Elin. shes so sweet!
After many hours in Ikea we were taken to an art exhibition of photographs. it was lovely but pretty boring. 

on friday we hit the shops again and subwayyyyyyy! i bought the most ugly silver snow boots. butt in all fairness they are so warm.
Saturday I went back to my host parents who came to Lund for the weekend. It was so lovely to see my host sisters Hedvig and Klara. They both live in Lund and i spent most of saturday with them. They are both so sweet and hopefully i'll get to see them again soon, On saturday night i went to LASERDOME with some of courtneys friends from school and got my ass kicked in fighting the red team. i think people picked on me because i was naturally so bad. haha.
Sunday i said goodbye to my favorite city Lund and came back to Ronneby.  


Postat av: Anonym

Looks wonderful, hun :)

I'm so glad i met you this suterday night!

You are my favorite australian girl ;) <3<3 xox

2009-03-01 @ 20:05:32

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