Well this is my actual first blog. I'm not sure where to start..from the beginning or where i am now, three weeks in. In a paragraph i will tell many things of what ive done so far in Sweden.
I arrived in a small place called Ronneby on the 24th January, 2009. seriously fucked from the flight over...it went a little like this. from brisbane to singapore was 9 hours then we spent 6 hours in singapore a made some cool friends, ali for one, and then from singapore to copenhagin which was 13 hours. From Copenhagin in Denmark my host sisters Hedvig and Klara met me and we grabbed a coffee from starbucks which ended up costing 12 australian dollars a coffee. haha. then we caught the train to Ronneby which took 5 hours. All in all long but worth it.
In my first week in Ronneby i visited many places like Karlskrona, shoppinggg! then i went to school for two days. it was pretty hard becasue the swedes are shy. they all speak english though! so im so so lucky. I do want to learn Swedish though. I met this lovely girl Josefin though! (she came over tnight)
So after my first few days at school i packed my bags and went on Rotary language camp. i was expecting something really bad but it turned out to be one of the best weeks of my life. Weird hey. I met so many new people from all round the world and even some swedes who taught us how to play soccer. it was super-although we did have to take swedish classes for many hours a day with mrs crazy herself. But I met the coolest girl from south africa. Her name is Courtney and we shared a room. 
anyway we became really tight and it makes life so much easier when you know someone else is going through the same homesickness/excitment as you. I just love her. She lives in Lund and tomorrow im going there for the week!
Courtney and I in Vimmerbycourteny and i in vimmerby
this week i had school and well it was okay. As i said before the swedes are pretty shy pårticually when it comes to speeking english. i didnt have friends to sit with on wednesday which made life pretty shitty, i just cried and cried. 
but now its good! 
im really having fun. this week is 'Sports week' which means that every kid gets the week off to go skiing or something. on sunday i went skiing and it was pretty good, i mean i was horrible at it and kept falling on my face but i loved it all the same. Today, Monday the 16th February i made a rotary speech in the  morning which was pretty interesting. i really should've planned it before i got up there and looked like a dork. 
This afternoon my lovely friends came over and we went down to the ocean near my house and took heaps of photos. it was so beautiful because the water had frozen over and it was sunset. then we had tacos for dinner. it was really lovely. they are both the sweetest girls and i cant wait to see them again. 
Sunset on the frozen ocean lucy and i look at josefintacos at mine!
this is with josefin and Louise. :)
anyway tomorrow im going to lund to visit my bestie courtney. I'm so excited! I'm staying there till sunday and then going to see my host sisters in Lund.
Hope everyone is well and im sorry if this is boring. i think my mum will be the only one reading it but thats okay! love your work mum.

Postat av: ERINA

COOL BLOG BONITA, it's not only your mum reading it but your SISTER TOO!!!!!!

ps i hope this "Kommentera" means comment... i assume it does...... your pics look cool! did the swedes make you tacos or is this a new "australian" thing you are introducing to them? haha anyways have fun sis and don't cry if you have no friends, i spent probably two whole months just walking around at lunchtimes so i wouldn't be sitting there by myself like a loser!!

love ya work sis xxxx

2009-02-17 @ 08:02:32

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