WELL it has been quite a while. I just wish this would write itself. haha
Okay so since i have been back in Ronneby....

On the weekend, i forgot to mention that i went skiing with some family friends. i was TERRIBLE! Cross country skiing is a big no for my future carrier. 

i started back at school on monday and wasn't really looking forward to it.

It just seemed like such a downer after a week in Lund.
BUT... it was actually pretty good! i went to swedish on Monday, Tuesday and wednesday..that was the only downer.
I made really good friends with this girl Martina, shes very sweet.
On Thursday night I got invited to this pub to watch a band from school play. they were AWESOME. if you have time check them out on Myspace.  This is the URL...

This is them!

The whole week i hung out a lot with martina. we talked about everything and anything and i feel so lucky to have such a lovely friend.
ill write more this afternoon! i have finished swedish lessons now...ahhah
productive lessons bonnie. 

okayyy back..On saturday I met up with elin, she drove to the GYM! and we took a  yoga class. it was so relaxing, i nearly fell asleep so many times. It was so funny becasue the instructor said something like lie down and close your eyes and focus on your breatheing so i was like...yeah okay. So i was pretty much asleep when i felt someone grab my head! Ha so i didnt understand what he actually said which was that he was going around giving head massages. I nearly had a heart attack! 
After our relaxation at the gym we headed into ronneby's center and took a look through the shops. it took around an hour. haha its so small here. Then we went and got lunch at a cute cafe. At around 2pm i met up with Rebecca who is on exchange from New zealand at the same school as me!! totally the best news i had heard in a really long time. :) 
we got a coffee and shopped some more. it was a lot of fun. its cool knowing that there is someone in pretty much exactly the same position as you. ahh shes so sweet.
 On saturday i wasnt feeling to great so i came home and napped and read twilight..ha im addicted! while i was napping my friend 'Anna' from the band called and wanted to know if i could come to party tonight. well even though i wasnt feeling great how could i refuse my first actual partyyyy?! i got dressed and met up with anna and olivia at 'uncle willys'. we drove to another friends house so that her parents could drive to the party. welll it ended up being in the middle of know where but it was still really fun. So different to an Australian party though. i got there and we were greeted at the door by Jasper, it was his birthday bash. everyone was sitting around the table with no music on or anything.. ha. Just drinking in the kitchen. So i was like... hey jasper can we please put some music on? and he was likeee...huh? ha we ended up going upstairs so i could listen to some music. It was differnt but still a lot of fun. we got home around 2am which was a nice change. ahha
sunday i rode my bike for the first time...oh god i nearly died. i was very enthusiastic to be riding to town (its a 5 minute drive) so i got all my things ready for the gym and got on my bike. i NEVER realised how many dam hills were in ronneby until i nearly had a heart attack riding up a few of them. haha. i got to the gym already panting and sweaty and did a small workout and rode to my rotary councellors house for some tea. 
So that leads us to this week so far...Monday was pretty bad and i ended up coming home from school becasue i was feeling so sickly. i slept for 6 hours had some dinner and went back to sleep again for the night. it was rather refreshing. 
TODAY i had a really good day. I woke up really really late like 20 minutes before my bus arrives! Its different here because at home it would be like..yeah same old uniform dont really care. But now its like..oh my god what the hell do i wear to school!? all i want to wear is track pants with a wolly jumper butttt everyone looks amazing at school and i dont particually want to be an ugly duck (more so then usual i guess). So i chucked on some jeans and a cardigan and ran out the house with my vegemite toast still in my mouth.  
I had swedish all morning which was quite a drag. Then i had lunch. I didnt really have anyone to sit with when Rebecca and her class walked past. ahh it was a really good lunch time and we all just sat there laughing. Instead of going to art i joined their class in the gym..hahah, oh god. i thought it would be like areobics or something but we did some hard core running and then burpies followed by gymnastics. Pretty sure i pulled a lot of muscles.
after the class i went and spoke to my student advisor about changing into this class. so excited! Bec went and got some KEX.. best chocolate ever, and we thought that we should go to the gym after the feast. ha. Bec had her bike at school and i was like 'how about you ride on the back and ill pedal?' so we tried it. and ended up falling on the ground because it was soo much harder then i thought. i have grases on my hands becasue of the fall..haha

Tomorrow is swedish all day :(:( sick. 
I hope everyone is well. I'm guessing no one reads this though cause i never get any comments. 
lots of love to everyone-

ps sorry about the lack of photos. my camera is brokennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Postat av: Julia

Jag kommenterar! Det låter jätte kul bo bo :)

2009-03-03 @ 20:30:39
Postat av: Louise

Hi Bon :) Its so fun to read you blog! You such a good writer! I hope you enjoy Sweden by now and hope you feeling Welcome :) You must come home to my house sometime, and I havent forgot the african dance either! <3

2009-03-04 @ 07:56:32
Postat av: Anonym

Peekaboo! :D Since I am commenting - I am reading your blog! You write very well, it's so funny :) Some in my class are curious about you "who is she?" "where's she from?" "how tha hell did she end up in this shit hole?!" haha. Hope everything's fine, take care!

2009-03-04 @ 21:09:01
Postat av: ERINA

bonita, i can't believe you would think no one reads this blog! I DO OF COURSE and here i am commenting it just to prove it!! it sounds like you're having fun, we haven't heard from you in a while and mum keeps asking if anyone has talked to you... i guess the lack of contact means you're too busy for us :( haha it's all good... life is good here, just got back from nat's bday party - i took ryan as my date lol

aaaanyways sounds like you have some cool friends, you're beating me already by the sounds of it!!

ciaoooo <3 your fav big sis ever xxxx

2009-03-07 @ 14:47:12

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