Soo I haven’t written in the ‘blogg’ in agesss. Sorry all you regular blogg readers. Whateverrrr. Anyway its 16:08 on Saturday den 18 April 2009. Courtney is sitting in my room and has DEMANDED a blogg (I think she likes to read about herself) so now I’m sitting here while she yells out memories and is scanning through my photos telling me which ones we haveee to put on because we are apparently ‘hot’ in them. You wish Courtney, you wish. Revelry by Kings of Leon is playing in the background, inspiring my blogging perhaps. So what have I been up to..i think I’ve slowed down…I’m enjoying the sunshine that has finally come out and I’m taking time to discover the beauty of ‘Ronneby’ ;);) (beautiful boys in beautiful cars) Its always a nice way to enjoy the sunshine.

So since I last wrote was on my birthday I think I should write a little more then usual….maybeeee.

On the 4rd of April I headed to Lund to help celebrate Courtney and Simons birthday. I arrived around midday, stepped of the train into pure sunshine and 20 degree weather. I think it was one of the happiest days of my life… I hadn’t seen the sun in around 3 months. I met up with Courtney and we went and found a cute pizza shop and sat outside on the cobbled streets of Lund coffee in one hand, pizza in the other in tee shirts with the sun out. It was at that moment I realised that I could do this…live away from home and be happy. We sat there for around 3 hours or something just watching the people go by and talking about how nice it is to get some colour back in our skin. J

From there we went to the center square to eat icecream. I think you are all reading this and are like…ummmm bonnie 17 degrees is not warm but everyone here is insane. Seriously. There was a line about 200metres to the ice cream shop and everyone was walking around in shorts and sandals. I think that the summer is such a relief after such a long winter.  There’s one more thing….one of the most favorite topic of conversations here is about the weather…I think I’m turning into a Swede…scary thing to even consider.


everyone in the square..

 That night we headed to Paulina’s house for pre drinks before Simons birthday party. Simon had hired out a house and had a DJ so it was a night filled with dancing and laughing…seeing all those crazy people…dragging us onto the dance floor. Ha. It was such a fun night except that we had to wait till 2:30 for the next bus so we were all sitting there in the gutter just discussing everything with everyone. Courteny and I were completely stupid and thought to ourselves before we left…we won’t need jackets…its been 20degrees today! So sitting at the bus stop at 2:30am I realized what a stupid thought that was to even have considered, let alone done. I don’t think I have EVER been as cold as I was that night. Bloody oath I could’ve cried.

Pictures from Simons.




So I left Lund on Sunday which was Courtney’s 18! It was a shame I had school Monday Morning..such a shame. We had a lovely big breakfast…birthday breakfasts in Courtney’s house are always amazing (the two I have experienced anyway). I caught the train and arrived back in Ronneby 2 hours later. The feeling of being home is one I’ve just come across..that this is now my home for a year. I’m starting to feel comfortable with that thought. It’s a nice feeling.


The summer has bought many picnics. I have been numerous picnics already…even though the weather isn’t perfect its still lovely. At the moment I am on easter break. Last Saturday my host sister and I went on an eater egg hunt in our back yard trying to find the next map till we reached our final destination. When I finally got there ( I have never been very good at reading a map) I got a paper egg filled with candy and a chocolate bunny. We then sat at the kitchen table eating our candy and laughing. It was a really nice day. That night we went to one of Hedvigs (my host sisters) friends house for pre drinks before we went to Natti Natti, Ronnebys only nightclub. It was so much fun! Her friend were all so funny and loved australians. J we went to Natti at around 1130 to stand in the que. One thing about ronneby is that its never busy and I never see teenages but because it was the easter break everyone came home to celebrate with their families so they were all at Natti. It was crazy but fun. We got home early that morning and woke up a little later to start prepairing for the day. Kirsti and Jonas had friends coming over for Easter.



This week I have spent a lot of time with friends…at picnics, watching movies or eating ice cream. The usual really. I have made some closer friends and have run a lot in the forest. As time goes by, it becomes easier to settle in…getting use to the life style. School has been great. I have been doing design and have made a top and am starting on my Prom dress soon.

This is the top I made J


Picnic pictures..


Courtney is here at the moment. She came over to Ronneby on Thursday and we have been soaking up the sun,  running, biking…..HA! and meeting up with a few of my friends.



yess that is me riding my bike and lying on the peer near my house. 

hope everyone is missing all my girls back home. Happy birthday al.

Lots of love xo xo


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